Day 5

Body weight: 194.2

Wow, I was tired today. Both Brooke and I were feeling it. Sore too. Don’t model completely after this, but watch and see how much or little it affects my overall results in a few weeks.


First meal was close to noon. Had a rockin’ smoothie. I make 2 blenders full. One for me and my family. The other is just for me. I split them up into 3 servings throughout the day. My servings are simply “drink as much as I can until I’m sick of it.” The smoothies take up so much space in my stomach, the only other things I ate were a handful of mandarin oranges and an apple.

Around dinner time I started to feel hungry again, so I put down 32oz of smoothie. Instantly felt better. Then, my wife started cooking up an entire box of spaghetti. I love spaghetti. I drool thinking about it. She took tofu and marinara sauce and crumbled it together.

A part of me really didn’t want to eat the pasta. That part of me was saying “go into the other room and start doing push-ups!” But another part of me sat down and ate 3 bowls.

33oz smoothie spinach, peach, banana, pineapple, chia (good)

38oz smoothie (good)

33oz smoothie (good)

5 mandarin oranges (neutral)

1 apple (neutral)

3 bowls spaghetti noodles with tofu marinara sauce (great for up days, bad for all other days)


None (fail)

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