"This isn't just another exercise mp3 that only plays music; this is an intensive exercise sensation that has to be experienced to be believed." 

This 30-Minute MP3 will turn your smart phone or MP3 player into one of the most powerful tools for killing belly fat fast. 

Thomas Tadlock designed the Turbo-Shred FAT KILLER Workout MP3. It's like having him with you during your entire cardiovascular workout, guiding you every step of the way. 

Thomas created this "experience" to be able to help his remote training clients in other states and countries lose fat fast. 

In just 30 minutes, you will destroy up to 900 calories. 
Here's Living Proof: 

"FAT KILLER was my secret weapon that I created to achieve one of the most dramatic transformations of my life in just 28 days."

Thomas Tadlock - Creator of the Turbo-Shred FAT KILLER System

Now You Can Destroy Pure Belly Fat
with Just 30 Minutes of Use.

When the first results showed a 3x increase in weight loss and a 9x increase in fat loss over traditional steady-state cardiovascular training, the entire fitness industry copied it.

The problem was that the protocol that was used only worked for several weeks, and then the results stopped.

I wanted to find out if there are other protocols that can produce continued results. So I wrote a computer program that guided hundreds of my students automatically through different interval cardio protocols to see which ones would continue to give the best results.

What I Discovered Was A Breakthrough! I discovered 12 different protocols, when done in sequence, continued to yield more fat loss, getting my clients leaner and more toned and defined than they ever thought was possible.

James Larson

“The Turbo-Shred Fat Killer is Awesome. If getting in shape is important to you then it is worth the money. I have noticed a huge increase in my endurance after only a couple weeks. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a effective work out in an efficient amount of time. It is better than a personal trainer because you can do it without making an appointment for a fraction of the cost.”

James Larson San Diego, CA

Most People Don't Know How Much Intensity To Use To Get Results

Since every individual has a different fitness level, body type, and experience in performing cardiovascular exercise, the intensity levels differ from person to person.

When students performed the interval cardio sessions at the wrong intensity, the results were mediocre at best.

When students performed the interval cardio sessions at their perfect intensity, the results were nothing short of phenomenal.

Kieron Sweeney

“When I met Thomas, I was unhappy with my cardiovascular endurance. Being a trainer, I need to keep my energy at 100% all the time, so I used Thomas’ advice and worked out with FAT KILLER while I was on vacation. I ran everyday with my MP3 player loaded with Thomas Tadlock’s FAT KILLER. It was like having Thomas with me, coaching me, encouraging me, and guiding my workouts every single day. I was 5 lbs lighter after 1 week of using it. Thank you so much Thomas! Your program has given me TONS of energy, my wind is getting better, and I’m 5 lbs leaner!”

Kieron Sweeney Lead Trainer, Peak Potentials

How do you know if you should walk or jog?
...jog or run?
...run or sprint?

We needed to figure out a way to help our students quickly discover their perfect intensity levels.

After studying hundreds of students, I discovered that there is a common RELATIVE INTENSITY that yields results even in people with drastically different fitness levels and body types.

Using live success coaching techniques and specific guided imagery, I created a system that was able to guide my students into their perfect RELATIVE INTENSITY levels within 5 minutes.

When I combined the relative intensity coaching with the 12 fat incinerating protocols, the results were astounding:

100% of the students showed
drastically more fat loss.

This gave birth to the Turbo-Shred Fat Killer System.

This program produces jaw-dropping results with nearly every form of cardiovascular exercise including walking, running, jogging, elliptical, swimming, cycling, rollerblading, and stair climbing.

Here's How It Works...

In this mp3, you are going to experience
the equivalence of "running hypnosis."

Thomas becomes your personal trainer talking you through every segment of a concentrated exercise regimen along with the intensive music that literally drills deep into your subconscious mind and delivers the results you want.

You literally feel the power exploding inside you even before the audio reaches just the first 5 minutes.

"This has to be the most amazing exercise system
I've ever experienced...it's totally mind-blowing."

And now this intensive exercise sensation is available to you. If you order this exciting new mp3 today, here's what you'll get:

The Turbo-Shred Fat Killer Workout
MP3 Audio - Instant Download

This Turbo-Shred MP3 Workout is designed to take your body to a higher level, without ever letting you slip backwards. You will NEVER get bored with these fresh, highly inspired music tracks and workout program experience. Retail Value $27

But that's not all...

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Express Results Turbo-Shred Fat-Incinerating
Program Design Manual

Receive the full "Express Results Turbo-Shred Interval Cardio Fat Loss Manual." This is the actual manual used by Tom's Express Results trainers to create the most fat-killing cardio workouts for his clients. Retail Value $47
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"You have to experience this sensation for yourself...
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This Turbo-Shred Fat Killer MP3
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Denise Yamada

“The bottom line: There is less on my bottom line! Stats after one week:

Chest: -1″
Waist: -1.5″
Abdomen: -0.5″
Hips: -1.25″
Total inches lost: 4.25″ Yippee!
Total pounds lost: 4.8″ Yayyyy!

Now contemplating my reward… Suggestions?”

Denise Yamada - 7 Time Emmy Award Winner, Fulfillment Coach

Just Volume 1
$27 $19


The Complete
12 Volume Collection
$228 $95