Day 24

Welcome to Minneapolis! Today was my first day of a 3 day intensive seminar that I was teaching from 9am to 9pm. That meant I was going to be living off of hotel food for the next few days and using the hotel gym.

My first meal was a loaded salad. It was Mexican day for the staff lunch so I took all the vegan condiments like salsa and guacamole and piled them as high as I could on a plate full of salad greens and grilled veggies. It was delicious! It was so good, I had to have two plates.

Dinner was a small plate of fruit, salad, sprouted rice, and a little spinach. Not bad!

Before the day was over, one of my students came up to me and gave me a couple vegan protein bars. I ate them down and went to go workout. The gym was a typical hotel gym. It had the basics. After 10 hours of teaching from the stage, I was pretty exhausted, so I only did a couple sets of a number of exercises.


2 plates salad

1 cup fruit

1 small plate salad

1 cup fruit

Sprouted brown rice with spinach

2 isagenix protein bars


10 hours teaching from stage

Push-ups 20, 20

Precor elliptical 10 min

Ball crunch 20, 20

1 arm ball db chest press 10@50, 10@50

1 arm Dumbbell shoulder extension 10@25, 10@25,

1 arm wall curl 10@30, 10@30

1 arm ball supine triceps extension 10@25, 10@25

Treadmill 10 min

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