What we're looking for in you

You’re creative, you love thinking about new and fun ways to make content, you’re naturally keeping a pulse on social media content trends, and you’re a talented videographer, editor and creator with lots of enthusiasm and great communication skills. You have an understanding of the tools and resources necessary to make great social content. You value and understand the importance of speed, creating content for specific social platforms, and value understanding the performance of your creative once it’s distributed.


We’re looking to find a skilled video creator like you to shoot video and create daily video content of Thomas and Brooke out of their home office in the Houston area. We’re looking for a videographer who can create strategic content for *every social platform (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook and Instagram stories, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube etc). You must have experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and best practices for video creation on different platforms. You must be comfortable handling multiple edits at a time under tight turn around times. You love being creative, coming up with new ways to make content valuable to our particular audiences, you have years of experience creating content and posting on social accounts.
Pay starts at $50k/year following a 2-4 week contracted trial period and can increase to over $100k/year.


  • Experience creating daily video content for social platforms, as well as filming and strategizing creative in fast paced environments
  • Strong executional understanding in how to make impactful micro content for specific audiences and platforms
  • Understands the executional ins and outs of making video content for social platforms(sequence settings, key framing, captioning graphics)
  • Experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro, and the entire Adobe creative suite
  • Ideal candidate has a very strong work ethic, positive attitude, and can adapt to change quickly
  • Ability to work well independently and efficiently
  • Understand why content performs well for certain handles
  • Owns and able to work a full frame DSLR, manual settings, audio monitoring
  • Knowledge of cameras and camera equipment
  • Strong communication skills comfortable asking for feedback and or trying to move projects in different creative directions


  • Create impactful social video content on a daily basis
  • Ability to film day in the life type videos and edit them down to 10-20 minutes
  • Quickly and effectively identify moments worth creating and formatting for social content for a variety of brands and publications

Bonus Skills

  • Experienced and skilled in creating great social content using nothing but a cellphone
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Audition
  • Humorous
  • Makes and grows social accounts for fun
  • Good copy writing skills
  • Vegan

Be prepared to do a phone interview and possibly do test work as part of the application process. You must submit examples of work, preferably a reel.