I am going to do ONE LAST personal body transformation to show one final thing to the world - you can get as muscular and ripped as you want without making nutrition a big, dramatic, pain in the butt.

Do you ever see vegan body builders spending hours preparing the same boring food and caring it with them in a backpack everywhere they go? No thanks. I'm busy. I have a life. I don't need that kinda drama.

I am going to do a 8 to 12 week transformation of doing a combination of major muscle building and major fat loss to get as built, strong, and shredded as possible.

Here's a 48 day time-lapse of the last major transformation I did when I was launching the Vegan Muscle Project. It's going to be like that, but even cooler and even easier.

The theme of the entire transformation is to make smoothies, both fat loss smoothies and muscle building smoothies the majority of the food we eat.

Food will be eaten as it's convenient and when you feel like it. So there's no real restriction on eating.

What's golden is that you rely on your smoothies to provide the essential nutrition for losing fat and building muscle. You're no longer RELYING on the food. The food is just a plus.

This eliminates the inconvenience of having to cook, meal prep, eat at certain intervals, etc...

This is the super fast, super convenient, 3-meal a day plan. At least 1-2 of those meals will be a smoothie guaranteed.

The question is HOW do you do it right.

I am going to set it up so you can literally look over my shoulder as I do every workout, prepare every smoothie, and even every meal. You will be able to see how I pull it off when I travel, when I'm at home, when I'm home schooling the kids, etc.

We will have a group so you can ask questions, get direct support from me if you're stuck, etc.


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