Learn how your metabolism is the key to unlocking limitless health and fitness!

What you will learn:

No matter what your genetic make-up, age or gender, discover how you can create a metabolism that will help you create the body of your dreams by making weight loss and muscle building fast and easy.

    Fail-proof Smoothie Recipes

    Learn to raise your metabolism with simple home-made smoothies so you can lose weight fast.

    SLOW Metabolism Foods

    What foods you may be eating that is keeping your metabolism slow, making it impossible to lose weight and build tone.

    FAST Metabolism Foods

    What and how to eat to raise your metabolism now so you can lose weight, build tone, and get healthier with less time and effort.

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    About Thomas Tadlock

    As the author of the upcoming book, The Truth About Metabolism, Thomas is recognized as one of the top 5 trainers in the USA by Star Trac, one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers in the world, recipient of the "Best of Award" 7 years in a row for his first personal training company, Epiphany Fitness Studio, and founder of the largest indoor boot camp in Orange County, CA, Thomas Tadlock was MTV's 2003 Hottest Body, and the host of the Vegan Body Revolution show on iTunes.

    He is a master trainer for 3 different fitness companies and has been featured on multiple fitness DVDs. He has successfully led trainings for thousands of individuals, organizations and entrepreneurs nation-wide including professional recording artists like Britney Spears, models, and entrepreneurs through his life-changing seminars, webinars, tele-seminars, and self-study courses.

    Thomas holds a master's degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion and 8 national certifications. He is an inventor and patent holder, creating the world's first muscle tempo control system.

    As internationally recognized trainer educator, he has authored the weight loss programs for the fitness equipment company behind the hit TV show, "The Biggest Loser" and has been featured as body transformation expert for Cox 3, KCAL 9, Newsday, Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine, and more.

    Thomas Tadlock, M.S.