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Thomas created the protocol for Miracle Metabolism to change his life, his family members' lives, and the lives of thousands of his students all over the world. Here's just a sample of what you will learn in Miracle Metabolism:

  • Learn Ways to Raise Your Metabolism
  • Understand How to Increase Your Energy
  • Master Creating a Body That Resists and Reverses Disease
  • Get Tools to Lose All the Fat, and Gain All the Muscle You Want
  • Discover the Diet That Saved His Wife's Life From a Deadly Disease and Inspired the Best-selling Book, Goodbye Lupus

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Miracle Metabolism didn't just help me change my diet, it helped me change my life. My body has been transformed, as I lost weight and gained a sense of wellness. I'm stunned at how much adopting Thomas' program improved my rheumatoid arthritis.

Matt Iseman Matt Iseman
Comedian, Actor and winner of The New Celebrity Apprentice

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What Is Metabolism, And Is Mine Slow?

    Learn why metabolism is everything in health and fitness. Self-Test Evaluation: do you have a slow metabolism? Let’s find out. Let’s start raising your metabolism today.

  • Chapter 2: The Metabolic Miracle - Healing From Disease

    Learn the top “healthy” foods that are hurting your health. How to cure an incurable disease – Brooke’s story. How to heal with supermarket foods.

  • Chapter 3: Fat Loss Made Fast And Easy

    Learn Thomas’s strategies for fat-loss nutrition, fat-loss exercise, and putting it into practice.

  • Chapter 4: Building Muscle Quickly At Any Age

    Learn strategies for muscle building nutrition, muscle building exercise, and putting it into practice.

  • Chapter 5: Having It All And Keeping It Forever

    Discover the inconvenient truths about fat loss and muscle building. This is why so many struggle to do both at the same time. Create your dream body blueprint and learn Thomas’s favorite metabolic ninja tactics to keep a high metabolism despite junk food, holiday meals, vacations, and more.


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Meet the Author

Thomas Tadlock, MS

Celebrity Trainer and Patent Holder who has been recognized as one of the top trainers in the United States. He has shared the stage with inspirational legends such as Anthony Robbins, T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Rip Essylstyn, and many more. His first personal training company won the Best of Award seven years in a row, and his second company became the largest indoor fitness Boot Camp in Orange County, CA at the time. He has been featured on MTV, Newsday, Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine, KCal 9, and many other media channels. He is currently the host of the Vegan Body Revolution show, one of the top Vegan Fitness and Bodybuilding podcasts on iTunes, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers world-wide.

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