• 5 Hands-on Smoothie Tutorials: Is it hard to follow smoothie recipes in a book? Don't worry, with this bonus, you will get 5 videos showing you exactly how Thomas builds his smoothies step by step.
  • 4 Kick-in-the-Butt Motivation Videos: Need a mental push to get your workout done? How about some encouragement when you are feeling low? What about encouragement to drink your smoothies every day? Do you need strength to avoid junk food temptation? Get exclusive access to Thomas delivering these heart-felt messages of empowerment via video to you.
  • 4 Kitchen Recipe Videos: Get access to 4 kitchen recipe tutorials to make delicious meals that will boost your metabolism.
  • 4 Exclusive Beginner Workout Videos: What if you're not a hard-core gym addict? Don't worry! Metabolic Miracle is for everyone at every fitness level. Get access to a gallery of video tutorials showing beginners and first-timers how to perform essential exercises for muscle building and more.
  • Enter to Win a 1-ON-1 Session W/Thomas: Have your results plateaued? Are you putting out big effort but only getting small gains? Are you not sure where to start? Enter to win 1 out of 3 chances for a direct 1-on-1 session with Thomas. 30 minutes max. $200 value.
  • Enter to Win Thomas's Fav Smoothie Straw: Thomas loves his wide stainless steel smoothie straws. Enter to win 1 out of 5 chances. (US ONLY)
  • Enter to Win a Copy of Goodbye Lupus Hello Delicious: Brooke's coming out with her own kitchen recipe book. All of the healing recipes in her book also happen to be fast metabolism recipes. Enter to win 1 out of 10 chances for a digital copy of her upcoming book.
  • 1 GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET TO AMAZING FITNESS & HEALTH MASTERY: Thomas will teach you body transformation techniques he has spent over 18 years perfecting. You will master shredding body fat at will, especially in the stubborn areas. You will master building muscle quickly and efficiently. You will master maintaining your ideal body weight and physique at any age. Brooke will train you to master the art of reversing disease. This is a live in-person mastery workshop. $295 value.

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