Day 53

Today was the day we went to San Antonio to meet up with our celebrity client Matt Iseman, host of American Ninja Warrior, and winner of the new celebrity apprentice.

First meal was a big giant smoothie and 3 carrots. Then we hit the road to San Antonio. When we checked in at our hotel, I had 8 mandarin oranges and 2 slices of Ezekiel with peanut butter.

The we headed to American Ninja Warrior. It was packed with spectators everywhere.

Even as friends of the host it took us close to an hour to get inside.

Once inside, Matt found us and took us around the back to where the crew hung out and set us up with the VIP treatment. Comfy chairs and no one around us but camera men, seated right in front of one of the main obstacles. We were so close we were able to high five the competitors as they walked by.

At the first break we headed into Matt’s trailer and checked up on his progress. Talked about smoothies and went over some workout tips.

As a sufferer of Rheumatoid arthritis, we are putting him on our smoothie protocol to completely eradicate it.

Now, I’m getting him started on his workout program as his joints begin to feel relief. For Matt, I’m just starting him on HIIT Cardio jump rope. It’s perfect for a RA sufferer, because his feet will never come off the ground more than 2 inches. Very low impact. But enough impact to know of our smoothies are working. If they aren’t working, he will experience some pain in his joints. The jump rope will serve as both a fitness tool, and a pain gauge for his RA.

The evening ended at close to 2am. It was so fun.


3 carrots

8 mandarin oranges

70oz smoothie

2 peanut butter on Ezekiel

2 juice packets



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