Day 43

Off to Utah we went. We packed the truck full of oranges, apples, grapes, bananas, and carrots. I also bought a box of Nugo protein bars and a case of water. We were ready to go.

We hit the road by 6:30am and ate lots of Nugo bars, bananas, and carrots.

By noon, we were ready to eat a real meal. We stopped at one of our favorite fast food restaurants, Pita Pit. I ordered a massive, loaded black bean pits wrap loaded with all the raw vegetables they had.

We finally stopped at our favorite vegan Thai restaurant in Albuquerque for dinner. I was craving raw veggies so I ordered their power salad. It came on a huge platter.

Brooke couldn’t finish her vegan Phad Thai so I devoured her leftovers.

No workout.

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