Day 35

BODY WEIGHT: 190.6 (iPhone is 0.2 pounds)

Finally a day where I felt like a normal human being! Why, because I was finally home from traveling non stop. I craved my smoothies so bad. I drank a gallon of them today. I took a DOWN day eating strategy today.

I craved down day food so badly, I made a half bag of steamed kale with a 1.5 pound carton of mushrooms. Oh it was so good.

And oh my was it amazing to see my weight drop 4 pounds since jumping on a plane 10 days ago. With a visible increase and muscularity, a measurable increase in strength and endurance, I would estimate that I gained about 4 pounds of muscle and glycogen, while losing about 8 pounds of fat, excess water, and bloat.

This is now my easiest Transformation so far. Think about it, I’m going for days without working out, Eating hotel and restaurant food, but utilizing smart strategies that are getting me leaner, stronger, and more muscular. And my results are actually accelerating, as in they are not slowing down!

I’m off to Las Vegas tomorrow to teach for 3 days. I’m looking forward to a monster DOWN day workout and eating day.


33oz smoothie

30oz smoothie

6oz steamed kale

1.5lbs steamed mushrooms

1/2 bowl of spaghetti w/noodles

70oz smoothie



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