Day 34

Food at the hotel was just too awful to keep eating. Brooke rescued me for lunch. We went to an all you can eat vegan Chinese buffet called Goji Cafe just 1 mile away from the hotel in Dallas. I loaded up on raw broccoli and cabbage salad until full to keep my metabolism high. Delicious. Then, I enjoyed all the rest. Tofu scramble, noodles, veggie wraps, spring rolls. So good. Great up day foods for glycogen replenishing.

I taught on stage from 9am to 6pm. When teaching on stage, my extra caloric expenditure is about 100 per hour equaling a 900 extra caloric expenditure over my normal day of sitting.


Big plate of cabbage salad and broccoli stems

Big plate of noodles, spring rolls, rice

1 cocktail


9 hours teaching

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