Day 23

I was on my way to Minneapolis today to teach for 3 straight days. Whenever I have to get on a plane, I load up on the biggest smoothie I can, along with as much whole foods as I can. Because once I get to the airport, my choices go down hill. Brooke sent off with a care package of a few mandarin oranges and some random pressed fruit bars she was given as a gift. I ate the whole bag of goodies and got on the plane.

The first thing I do whenever I land anywhere I’m staying for a few days is hit a grocery store. Luckily, right across the street was a grocery store. I loaded up on tofu, raw veggies, mushrooms, and some hummus. For dinner, I ate 2 salad kits, some mushrooms, and hummus.


48oz smoothie

1 apple

3 mandarin oranges

2 pressed fruit bars

1 orange

Handful of walnuts

2 Asian salad kits

Hummus and mushrooms



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