Day 18

Back on land.

We arrived at the port of Galveston at 8:30am. We were off the ship by 9am. We hadn’t had anything to eat yet so we headed straight to Pine Forest Vegan Buffet. Our favorite place to eat in Houston. It was only 1.5 hours away and it opened at 10:30am. Perfect timing.

As usual, the first thing I did was get completely full on veggies. Preferably greens. That included 2 massive plates of bok choi, cucumbers, and spinach. Once I was full, it was time to satisfy my taste buds. Tofu, daikon cakes, sushi rolls, fried sweet potatoes, sesame bread with hot soy milk made me almost unable to walk by the time I was done eating.

After lunch, we were off to Houston International Airport to drop Brooke off. She had a talk scheduled for the very next morning in Camarillo, CA. She was the headliner for the Whole Conference and needed to get there ASAP.

After dropping her off, I took the kids on a 3 hour drive home. We snacked on some handfuls of pretzel covered peanut butter that we got at a friend’s house in Houston. Terrible for your body. It just felt wrong to eat that stuff. Instead of going straight home, I stopped at the local grocery store and we stocked up on fresh veggies and fruits.

When we got home, we had a light dinner of handy, easy to eat fruits like bananas, apples, and plums. Then it was bed time for us all. What an exhausting day.


2 massive plates of cooked/steamed bok choi, spinach, and cucumbers
12 vegan sushi rolls
2 Daikon cakes
8oz tofu
Plate of watermelon, fried sweet potato, and sesame bread with hot soy milk

16oz fruit smoothie from friend’s house (mango, orange, japanese pear)
2 cups pretzel covered peanut butter

2 bananas, 2 plums



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