Day 17

The last day on the ship.

As usual, the day started late, which is convenient because that’s when they serve the lunch salad buffet. I ate a BFS as usual, along with a bean burrito loaded with fajita veggies and let’s not forget a delicious frozen cocktail. Then I was off to a massive workout.

The first heavy pyramid for major muscles that I’ve done since starting the transformation. I completed 20 sets of machine rows and 14 sets of incline dumbbell chest presses. When you see my workout summary, you’ll notice that I stopped at 5 reps. The reason was I didn’t have a spotter that could help me lift the next heavier weight to the starting position. Sometimes your pyramids may get stopped short because of logistical issues.

On top of that, I did 10 sets of bosu hanging leg raises. I was topping out at around 8 repetitions. Doing straight sets like this, serves nothing more than a little bit of strength training, some endurance building, and caloric expenditure. Great for getting joints ready for pyramids in the future. Also, it served as a great exercise to spend calories and glycogen in between resting from my heavy sets of back and chest.

Banging out high sets and volume will produce big-time results fast.

With my lunch burrito still in my belly, I was hardly hungry. Except when it came dinner time, I ate a platter full of watermelon and beat salad. Plus 2 slices of vegan plain no cheese pizza.

For the rest of the night, I sipped on some fine hand-crafted cocktails while we watched comedy shows and singing performances. We made friends and took pictures with the wonderful cast, most of whom I had met in the gym. Those guys workout every day.

Finally, Brooke and I ended the night with more vegan pizza. 4 slices of no cheese mushroom for me. Then it was time for bed and disembark the ship the next morning.


Machine row 22@70, 17@90, 13@110, 9@130, 6@150, 4@170, 4@190, 2@210, 1@210, 4@190, 4@190, 3@190, 4@170, 3@170, 6@150, 5@150, 6@130, 8@110, 10@90, 20@70

Incline db chest press 21@45, 14@50, 10@55, 9@60, 7@65, 5@70 could barely get to start position, 4@70, 8@65, 7@65, 5@65, 5@60, 6@55, 6@50, 8@45

Bosu hanging leg raise 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8


1.5 pounds platter of raw vegetable salad with balsamic vinaigrette
1 big bean and grilled veggie burrito
1 pina colada

Platter of watermelon, beet salad, and regular salad.
3 slices plain, no cheese vegan pizza

3 cocktails

4 slices of no cheese mushroom vegan pizza


  • Kathryn

    Reply Reply February 21, 2017

    Looks like a great trip! I didn’t work out last week except for Monday because I way over did it the week before. If you’ve never done this type if transformation before how do you know when your joints are ready for big pyramids?

    • admin

      Reply Reply February 21, 2017

      Do about 2 weeks of general conditioning and calisthenics before going for the big pyramids. Also feel free to do pyramids on smaller body parts like arms and calves. You just don’t want to load up a bar with maximum weight and do a squat, if you’re not comfortable and experienced with doing moderate weight on it first.

      • Kathryn

        Reply Reply February 22, 2017

        Well, I suppose that was my mistake. It had been about 2 weeks since I was at the gym and prior to those 2 weeks off I was doing a lot of Olympic lifting. Much different than the 148 squats I did (I could barely walk). Thank you!

        • admin

          Reply Reply February 22, 2017

          148 squats is fine any time, because you’re barely using any weight. As far as your joints are concerned, it’s like jogging. It’s when you get up to the poundages that stop you out after 3-5 reps that you want to make sure your joints are conditioned.

          • Kathryn

            February 24, 2017

            Oh, back squats I mean. I think my pyramid top was 80 for 1.

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