Day 15

Epic day, redemption achieved.

Instarted off the morning with some basic fruit, before taking a walking tour of Grand Cayman.

When I got back, I put down a gigantic 3 pound plater of vegetables and a bowl of watermelon. It felt so good to eat it, even though it took nearly 30 minutes to finish.

Then I began my workout. The most epic workout I’ve done since starting my Transformation. After a warmup, I did lots of upper body dropsets to failure. I increased both my reps and sets. In between rounds, I did 3 minute interval cardio bursts of 1 min recovery, 1 min sprint, 1 min recovery on the elliptical.

The totals came out to 17 dropsets, 6 HIIT sprints, and 4 traditional sets. The entire workout took 80 minutes, the longest I have been able to go so far. This is a tremendous improvement over my 20 minute workouts I was only able to do in the first week. With each drop set being the equivalent of doing 4-5 traditional sets, my workout volume was close to 78-95 sets, which is similar to spending 3-4 hours in the gym.

There is going to be a lot of soreness following this workout, but it feels great and is so worth it.

Dinner was another simple dinner salad, with 3 Indian curries. Okra, chickpeas, and potato over white rice. Then it ended with a delicious peach soy custard.

I enjoyed a blue moon at a comedy show, and then a virgin strawberry pina colada after a game show, where Brooke and I won a trophy for doing some things too embarrassing to speak about.


Cantaloupe, honeydew, 2 oranges

Gigantic salad platter
1 bowl watermelon

Dinner salad

3 Indian curries, potato, chickpea, okra over white rice

Soy custard w/peaches

Blue moon

Virgin strawberry pinacolada


Lifefitness elliptical HIIT

1min lvl 15, 1min lvl 20, 1min lvl 15

1min lvl 10, 1min lvl 15, 1min lvl 10

1min lvl 10, 1min lvl 15, 1min lvl 10

1min lvl 10, 1min lvl 15, 1min lvl 10

1min lvl 10, 1min lvl 15, 1min lvl 10

1min lvl 10, 1min lvl 15, 1min lvl 10
1 leg rom deadlift to opp arm curl press 10@20lbs

Back extensions 12, 12, 12
Dropsets 25 reps

Machine abdominals 190-130, 190-90, 190-110, 190-90, 190-70 toast

Machine lat pull 260-100, 240-60 beyond toasted!

Machine triceps press 285-145, 285-125, 285-85 toasted!

Machine curls 110-50, 110-30, 110-30, 110-30

Machine chest press 210-50, 210-50, 210-50

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