Day 14

Crap day – don’t do this!

Woke up at lunch time, ready to have a gigantic salad platter. Instead, I had a big bowl of watermelon and 2 bean burritos, THINKING I was going to eat a gigantic salad after. Wrong! I was way too full. Missed that opportunity. Then I thought I was going to workout. Wrong! Took a walk through Costa Maya and passed out on a lounge chair. Then the drinks started flowing and oh well… This is what you call a Regression in addiction medicine. Learn, recommit, and move forward with massive action.

Must make this up with extra exercise tomorrow.


Bowl of watermelon

1 Black bean burrito w/grilled veggies

1 plain black bean burrito

1 pirate punch

5 slices vegan no cheese mushroom pizza
1 pina colada

Small house salad
3 Indian currys over white rice

1 tofu steak w/sweet citrus sauce

Soy custard w/mango purée

1 Twilight zone tropical frozen drink
4 slices vegan no cheese mushroom pizza


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